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Analyse and determine training needs and issues

Training needs in any organisation reflect a set of core organisational requirements blended with complex sets of individual needs that vary from employee to employee.

McZoom can work with you and your organisation to:

  • Describe the goal for the company, department, team and/or individual

  • Determine the gap between the current picture and the planned goal

  • Advise on or design the right training solution to address the identified nned

  • Define benchmarks to highlight progress and achievements for individuals and groups

  • Devise a built-in measurement system for you to track the application of learning after the training

  • Use Belbin Team Roles and Skills Deployment Inventory team and self awareness assessment tools to uncover learning needs

Belbin® Team Role Theory

The Belbin Team Role Theory identified nine Team Roles which are each made up of different behaviours. When you complete Belbin Self-Perception Inventory you receive a ‘fingerprint’ of your Team Role preferences. Most people have 3 or 4 preferred roles and can adopt or avoid each as the situation requires. The Belbin Team Roles improve self-knowledge and understanding among individuals and teams. Contact McZoom, which has Belbin Team Roles accreditation, in order to find out more about how working through the Belbin Team Roles process can help your organisation.

Skills Deployment Inventory

The Skills Deployment Inventory has a wide range of tools based around relationship awareness which reveals why individuals act the way they do because the effectiveness of an organisation depends on the quality of its relationships. The SDI can reduce the costs of workplace conflict and turn it into a positive force for change, make business and personal relationships more productive and rewarding, and encourage non-confrontational conflict management and conflict resolution in the workplace. Contact McZoom, which has Skills Deployment Inventory accreditation, in order to find out more about how working through the SDI process can help your organisation.

Design training and assessment resources for your organisation

McZoom is frequently called on to design training and assessment resources for other organisations.  Paper based, online and workshop lead materials have been designed.  Regardless of the topic McZoom can take your subject matter expert’s knowledge and skill and prepare training tools that work.

As leaders in the NZQA assessment field McZoom can also align your current work with NZQA linked qualifications and can design assessment resources that meet NZQA compliance and quality assurance requirements.

"We’ve done work across every industry imaginable: prisons, mobile crane  operators, train drivers, financial advisers, funeral embalmers, farm consultants and many, many more."

Develop customised and public workshops about training & management

Training solutions can be diverse from a full industry curriculum or a morning training session delivered in the board room at the workplace.

For industry, corporate or business environments learning must emphasise the demonstration of applied skills and competency to get the job done correctly.

For academic institutions learning must focus on a blend of theoretical knowledge and applications of that knowledge in practical and realistic activities.

McZoom will work with you and your organisation to:

  • Design competency based programmes for business and industry aligned with identified knowledge, skills and attributes for the occupation.

  • Develop standards of competency to break workplace knowledge into demonstrated skills and/or demonstrated knowledge.

  • Determine the best training solution to meet your needs to increase and improve performance.

  • Develop and affordable and practical option that is styled to the specifics of your organisation.

  • Align, where practical, with nationally registered training qualifications like NZQA, AQF, Canadian Industry Training Associations.

  • Break down the training content into measurable sets of skills to be demonstrated in the workplace.

  • Ensure skills are confirmed in the training sessions to show that learning has occurred.

Checkout the public workshops offered through sister company LEARNPLUS.  Will insert a  link

Set up quality assurance processes or assist with NZQA accreditation applications

A quality assurance programme maintains a high level of performance and monitors the effectiveness of training and learning initiatives to ensure the following:

• Training and learning are linked to performance management systems

• Benchmarks are set, measured and monitored

• All assessors, examiners, supervisors, managers etc. assess in a consistent manner

• Professional judgment, when used to determine whether competence has been achieved, is also supported by concrete evidence

• Assessment tools accurately assess what they are supposed to measure

• Assessments collect sufficient information to make a solid assessment decision

• Comprehensive training programmes and documents remain intact despite staff changes

• Assessment documents are written in a manner that is easy to follow and understand

• Moderation and quality assurance requirements for nationally recognised programmes and qualifications are met.

McZoom also assists others to complete the application for NZQA accreditation and programme approval

and/or deliver customised sessions or programmes for your team

Assess learning and develop transfer tools to make sure it sticks

Assessing learning is the critical part many training solutions ignore. McZoom offers assessment development services for your organisation which can be aligned with nationally recognised training programmes and qualifications offered in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. McZoom has recently developed accreditation and certification systems aligned with Diary NZ and Ministry of Health programmes to name a few.

McZoom is known for its creative way of smoothly incorporating learning activities into learning sessions and developing custom made stand alone assessment tools. Many industries and businesses elect to have assessments done on the job using naturally occurring work tasks and events. McZoom can work with your organisation to develop assessment tools that measure your staff’s demonstrated learning using normal workplace activities.

Evaluate the impact of training and HR interventions & measure the ROI

McZoom staff has international certification as  an ROI specialist.  The return on investment for training and HR interventions can be measured using quantitative and qualitative data.

Great training must be followed by initiatives to measure learning and monitor ongoing performance.

McZoom can either conduct the whole evaluation process or provide one to one coaching to allow another training professional to be guided through the process.